Cabinet. From the Collection

09/08/2008 until 21/09/2008

Many of the works found in a collection cannot be permanently exhibited, often due to…

ROOM 107: Mark Hamilton ›Reverb‹

01/05/2008 until 22/06/2008

Mark Hamilton is producing new work for his presentation in the context of the ›RAUM…

KW. Hommage à Klaus Werner

09/02/2008 until 11/01/2009

A programmatic beginning was created, to bring together works from East and West


03/02/2007 until 20/01/2008

The first presentation from the collection features artists from former East Germany

Monica Bonvicini

25/02/2006 until 07/05/2006

For her exhibition at the GfZK Bonvicini produces new works, among them seven large-size black-and-white…

Why Show Something That One Can See?

25/02/2006 until 07/05/2006

Gender-specific differences are inscribed into spaces, while spaces also regulate gender relationships. Control of the…

Writing Identity. Autobiography in Art

21/06/2003 until 24/08/2003

The exhibition covers ten main themes related to autobiography, among them the alter ego, authenticity…

Die Sammlung als Labor/2003

26/01/2003 until 04/01/2004

Parts of the GfZK Collection will be exhibited for one month respectively. These presentations are…

[Collection 99]

14/03/1999 until 06/06/1999

Unter dem Titel [Collection 99] präsentieren die Galerie und ihr Förderkreis den zweiten Jahresquerschnitt durch…

[Collection 98]

17/05/1998 until 28/06/1998

Die Ausstellung verfolgt weder eine streng zeitliche Abfolge, noch gehorcht es einem festgelegten thematischen Drehbuch.…

Olaf Nicolai: Labyrinth

09/04/2012GfZK garden

Aus grünen Plastikbesen, wie sie die Stadtreinigung von Paris verwendet, baute Olaf Nicolai 1998 im…

Die Sammlung als Labor/2002


Over the year, parts of the GfZK Collection will be exhibited in LAB II for…

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