Iris Touliatou: Matter Enclosed in Heavy Brackets

21/04/2012 until 24/06/2012

References from cinema, modernist architecture and theater result in a visual essay

Kunst-Kunst. Von hier aus betrachtet!

31/03/2012 until 19/08/2012

The exhibition shows different types of dealing with contemporary art in cooperation with ten Leipzig…

Scenarios about Europe: Scenario 3

28/01/2012 until 18/03/2012

The scenarios in Leipzig are considered to be an applied study, a prologue of a…

Zak Kyes Working With…

10/12/2011 until 25/03/2012

Zak Kyes' practice encompasses publishing, editing, site-specific projects for and with art institutions

Scenarios about Europe: Scenario 2

26/11/2011 until 15/01/2012

The three-part exhibition series Scenarios about Europe continues with its second scenario presentation. The same…

DenkMal: Perspektivwechsel

16/11/2011 until 27/11/2011
Städtische Galerie im Alten Rathaus, Wurzen

Exhibition with projects by Helmut & Johanna Kandl, Via Lewandowsky, Michaela Melián and Judith Siegmund

Carte Blanche IX: The Sachsen Bank Art Collection

07/11/2011 until 07/01/2010

As part of the ›Carte Blanche‹ programme, Sachsen Bank will be showcasing their collection for…

Scenarios about Europe

10/09/2011 until 25/03/2012

How could an art exhibition with Europe as its theme be realised in nine cities,…

Scenarios about Europe: Scenario 1

10/09/2011 until 13/11/2011

KuratorInnen aus Brüssel/Belgien, Istanbul/Türkei, London/Großbritannien, Łódź/Polen, Minsk/Belarus, Novi Sad/Serbien, Oslo/Norwegen, San Sebastián/Spanien und Taipeh/Taiwan sind…

Wenn jemand eine Reise tut

05/06/2011 until 28/08/2011

The exhibition shows ten artistic positions by artists who, for various reasons, have spent shorter…


09/04/2011 until 13/06/2011

The title IMAGO alludes to the picture each side has of the other world

Christodoulos Panayiotou

09/04/2011 until 13/06/2011

The background theme of Panayiotou’s solo exhibition is the socio-political historical construction of Cyprus

›Backstage – An Exhibition about Exhibitions‹

05/03/2011 until 18/03/2011

›Backstage‹, an exhibition about exhibiting, accompanies the main exhibition in the GfZK Neubau, giving full…

Sarah Sze: Still Life with Flowers


The architecture of the building served as the starting point for the project

ROOM 107

27/11/2010 until 30/01/2011

Sponsored by Sachsen Bank, four artists from Leipzig are presented in ROOM 107 each year.…

atelier le balto ›Lustgang‹


The Lustgang project starts off at the area surrounding the pilgrim church, (re)creating space for…

Houses, Faces. GfZK on tour

22/09/2010 until 07/10/2011

The Leipzig Tourismus & Marketing GmbH and the foundation Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig presenting,…

Rebecca Stephany: More Abgrund, More Zweifel, Less Pfederpipi

11/09/2010 until 14/11/2010

Stephany uses is developed in relation to the respective task, situation and context

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