Back to Tomorrow

But what is memory? What do we remember, and why? How do we construct memory? How do we find our orientation within it and what after-effects does it have?

The exhibition “Back to Tomorrow” shows works by Yvon Chabrowski, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Wiebke Loeper, Inken Reinert, Anri Sala, Michaela Schweiger and Maya Schweizer. Yvon Chabrowski comments on her work: “In my work I dedicate myself to making mass media images tangible. I am interested in how they are outwardly presented, or the constructions upon which they are based.” Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster´s spatial installations consist of walk-in rooms in which biographical memories are interwoven with reminiscences from literature and films. Wiebke Loeper pursues topics like home and Identity combined with autobiographical references. Inken Reinert´s drawings and installations explore the heritage of socialist modernism. The artist recycles the past without giving rise to nostalgia. The video work “Byrek” of Anri Sala is characterised by ritual which the artist is evidently attempting to preserve: the daily task of preparing byrek. Here, personal recollections of family history overlap with the general difficulty of serving and passing on the traditions of one´s own heritage over space and time. In Michaela Schweiger´s films and installations, she is increasingly concerned with questions surrounding the conditions of architectural and urban space on the one hand, and the significance of medial spaces such as television, cinema and the internet on the other. Maya Schweizer deals with personal as well as social-historical questions about images and texts of the collective and personal memory.

The exhibition design, developed by Kay Bachmann and Philipp Paulsen, follows a system, which works with codes and symbols for each work. Visitors are kindly invited to combine the symbols with their own memory and a brochure, which is given to every visitor, when entering the show.

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