Lala Raščić: Whatever The Object

The Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Germany of Lala Raščić. The artist, who lives between Zagreb, Sarajevo and New Orleans, is well known for her radio plays and video installation in which she deftly plays and interprets several roles at the same time. She makes use of techniques and motives taken from the theatre and film history, directs literary pieces, writes her own stories (plots) and makes the boundaries between fiction and documentary research disappear.

The exhibition presents, alongside three previous works a new production by the artist in which she collaborates for the first time with actresses. The exhibition draws attention to various forms of transfer and ways of dealing with historical and mythological narratives as well as to the transformation of a text when read in different cultural contexts. The presented works reflect the critical question of the woman’s culturally inscribed role and the position of the artist towards that phenomenon.


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