Kunst-Kunst. Von hier aus betrachtet!

How and at what age does access to art develop? Is it in the home? What pictures did your parents have hanging above the sofa? With what art did you later surround yourself? How did your schooling shape your understanding of art, and where are its limits? What language does art speak, and why does it become “real art” depending on the perspective of the observer? What is real art? Is it art that only refers to itself and to purely aesthetic questioning, or is it art that also, in a broader sense, recreates historic and societal phenomena?

The exhibition entitled Kunst-Kunst. Von hier aus betrachtet! (Real Art. Seen From Here!) investigates these questions against the art landscape of Leipzig. What art languages does this city speak, and what are the differences between them? How does the project space A and V in Lindenau understand itself, how is the program of the artists’ association Bund Bildender Künstler Leipzig created, and what are the differences between observing paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts and in the Sparkasse Leipzig Gallery? Even when artistic opinions overlap, they appear different when observed from different artistic perspectives. Works of art are continuously reframed by exhibition locations and curator strategies. At the same time, they evoke new forms of presentation and generate new institutions. Kunst-Kunst shows this interplay in three sections and facilitates discussion.

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