Urs Lehni

Are You Talking to Me?
Conceptual Design in the Communication of Art Institutions
International conference

The Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig awards the INFORM Prize to young graphic designers, artists and collaborations whose projects and publications have developed an outstanding graphic position or experimental working methods. The 2011 prizewinner, Urs Lehni, suggested conceiving a new design for the GfZK website as a part of his INFORM Prize project.

Here we are also concerned with extended questions regarding graphic design. How can the internet presence of art institutions be developed, and what significance does this have in the communication with visitors and virtual public spheres? How are an institution’s thematic focus points and objectives conveyed through the structure of the site, the functions it contains and the way it is designed? What is the connection between online and offline formats and media?

In what way are graphic design and the structure of the institution mutually dependent? Within the framework of the public conference, these questions will be examined using the example of institutions of various sizes and organisational structures (artists’ spaces, art associations, museums).

At the same time, the role of graphic designers in the area of conflict between the specific requirements of the institution, the task at hand and their own visibility will be a central theme.

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