International Village Show – Kent and Franschhoek Valley

17/09/2016 until 08/01/2017

Begegnung von Südengland und Südafrika mit zwei begleitenden Filme, die Fragen der ländlichen Produktion reflektieren.

Matthias Hoch: Hotel Kobenzl. Projection

15/07/2016 until 31/10/2016

Doppelprojektion mit Fotografien aus dem Hotel Kobenzl


15/07/2016 until 06/11/2016

Sentsov’s Camera tells of how conflicts become inscribed in spaces

International Village Show – Vechte and Schelde

24/06/2016 until 11/09/2016

Erstmalig treffen in der International Village Show zwei Flusslandschaften aufeinander

I’LL BE YOUR MIRROR. Screen Tests by Andy Warhol

02/06/2016 until 11/09/2016

The exhibition shows a selection of the 472 Screen Tests by Andy Warhol

Leon Kahane: For Official Use Only

02/04/2016 until 03/07/2016

Kunstpreis Europas Zukunft 2015

Experimental Jetset: Provo Station

18/03/2016 until 22/05/2016

A walk-in installation by the graphic designers Experimental Jetset from Amsterdam

Myths and History in Comics and Graphic Novels

12/03/2016 until 03/04/2016

An exhibition of students of the Institute of Art History, University of Leipzig

International Village Show – Zvizzchi und Ballykinlar

11/03/2016 until 19/06/2016

Myvillages’ projects in a Russian and an Northern Irish village are presented in the current…

ars viva 2016

20/02/2016 until 22/05/2016

with Flaka Haliti, Hanne Lippard, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff

International Village Show – Winter Display and Bibliobox

27/11/2015 until 06/03/2016

During the wintertime myvillages presents an amazing landscape built out of barrels

Politics of Form

14/11/2015 until 21/02/2016

In order to understand its own form, art is obliged to grant access to the…

Travesty for Advanced Performers: Walking Through Walls

24/10/2015 until 31/01/2016

Walking Through Walls starts out from to different refugee stories

John Smith: Is It True

05/09/2015 until 01/11/2015

The GfZK shows six films of the British filmmaker John Smith

International Village Show – Deer Trail (Colorado), Frisian Villages and Brezoi (RO)

05/09/2015 until 22/11/2015

Am 4. September eröffnet der dritte von insgesamt acht Teilen der International Village Show (IVS)

Travesty for Advanced Performers: training

11/07/2015 until 11/10/2015

training issues an invitation to test one’s own boundaries and possibilities, in search of a…

Mandy Gehrt: Pieces of Heritage

04/07/2015 until 02/08/2015

Graduation exhibition of Mandy Gehrt

International Village Show – Spanish Villages and the Surrounding Region of Leipzig

09/05/2015 until 30/08/2015

In the second part of International Village Show Spanish villages meet the surrounding region of…

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