BAUGRUND Concepts for the GfZK garden

Leipzig’s rapidly increasing population brings with it greater social and cultural diversity and in doing so triggers demographic change. Currently on-going publicly and privately financed construction projects in the city are accompanied by the effects of compaction and displacement in the urban space. How do these developments change our view of urban open spaces?

Based on an open call for ideas entitled ‘Utilization Concepts for the GfZK Garden’, which involved architecture students from Aachen, Berlin, Weimar and Zurich, the exhibition deals with institutional perspectives on development as well as with long-term and short-term usage possibilities. The exhibition title refers to the GfZK’s garden as a potential construction site, and at the same time asks which notions of urban life motivate construction projects. In the search for contemporary and sustainable concepts, social and environmental issues play just as important a role as community participation, financing and administration.

Since its founding, the GfZK has realized numerous artistic projects in open public spaces, and dealt extensively with the interrelationship of political, social and urban changes. The archive space of the exhibition BAUGRUND presents selected examples from over the course of the last three decades.

In cooperation with RWTH Aachen University, Berlin University of the Arts, Bauhaus University Weimar, ETH Zurich.

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