Matthias Hoch: Hotel Kobenzl. Projection

The photographer Matthias Hoch from Leipzig worked at the Hotel Kobenzl in Salzburg for over two years. The resulting series of photographs is shown as a double projection with various archive materials, advertising brochures, pictures from the hotelier’s family album and reports from the local press. The order in which these elements are presented clearly indicates how the concepts of homeland, landscape and hospitality are interlinked with those of celebrity, exclusivity and luxury. This has constantly shaped not only the rooms of the hotel, but also the demeanour of the hosts and guests. The hotel building stood empty for a long period of time, and its history took a new turn when it was converted into a reception centre for refugees.

To accompany the exhibitions in Leipzig and Salzburg, the publication Matthias Hoch: Hotel Kobenzl, with texts by Andreas Maier, will be published by FOTOHOF in October 2016. Design: Kay Bachmann. Price: 35 euro.

Matthias Hoch: Hotel Kobenzl, edition 5 + 1 artist’s copy consists of 8 colour photographs (archival pigment prints), published by FOTOHOF Salzburg available for the duration of the exhibition at the GfZK.

Kindly supported by

The exhibition is shown in collaboration with FOTOHOF Salzburg. Kindly supported by Jochen Hempel Gallery, Leipzig/Berlin.

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