Postkarte: Leipziger Umland und Spanische Dörfer, 2015. Gestaltung: Kay Bachmann

International Village Show – Spanish Villages and the Surrounding Region of Leipzig

09/05/2015 until 30/08/2015

In the second part of International Village Show Spanish villages meet the surrounding region of…

Seiichi Furuya: Mémoires, 1989-2010. Ausstellungsansicht. Foto: Sebastian Schröder


11/04/2015 until 26/07/2015

The exhibition shows two central works by Seiichi Furuya: The photo series Staatsgrenze (Border) and…

01_DSC5116 Kopie

Sediments of Reality

11/04/2015 until 26/07/2015

The installations, video pieces and photographs focus on moments of transition and of fundamental change

Clara Montoya: Library, 2008. Foto: Sebastian Schröder

Collection Alphabet

12/03/2015 until 15/07/2015

From A to Z, the exhibition presents aspects of collecting, and involves visitors

Travestie für Fortgeschrittene Teil I, GfZK 2015. Außenansicht Neubau. Foto: Sebastian Schröder

Travesty for Advanced Performers

13/02/2015 until 31/01/2016

Travesty for Advanced Performers goes against static and one-dimensional life concepts and society models. The…

Postkarte: Höfen und Ekumfi Ekrawfo, 2015. Gestaltung: Kay Bachmann

International Village Show – Ekumfi Ekrawfo meets Höfen

07/02/2015 until 03/05/2015

In der ersten International Village Show trifft Höfen aus Franken auf Ekumfi Ekrawfo aus Ghana.

International Village Show in Leipzig, 2016. Foto: Wenzel Stählin

International Village Show – Book, Shop, Convention

02/02/2015 until 31/12/2016

Zweijährige Ausstellung im Gartenhaus.

Slavs and Tatars: Love Me, Love Me Not [Ukraine - Feodosiya], 2015

Slavs and Tatars: Lektor

15/11/2014 until 17/05/2015

In their installation Lektor Slavs and Tatars examine the politics and performativity of language

Miklós Erdély, Dóra Maurer: Aktiv-Passive Übungen im Rahmen des Kurses Kreativitätsübungen, 1976-77; Foto: Tamás Papp

Creativity Exercises

18/10/2014 until 01/02/2015

With a focus on Eastern Europe, "Creativity Exercises" presents historical and contemporary artistic projects that…

Bernd Krauss: Ich/Du/Er Sie Es, 2014. Foto: Sebastian Schröder

Things we discover alone (Independent Learning)

14/06/2014 until 05/10/2014

Here, some serious thought is given to the impossible. Driven by curiosity, things are researched,…

Tomáš Džadoň: Monument der Volksarchitektur/Pamätník ľudovej architektúry, 2013 (3 of 113); Fotografin: Veronika Jackuliaková

Slovak Mythologies

22/05/2014 until 23/08/2014

The exploration of one own's history as an ongoing process

Endeavour, 2010. Filmstill

Taus Makhacheva: A Walk, A Dance, A Ritual

12/04/2014 until 29/06/2014

A paradox experience of belonging to a community while observing it from the exterior

Vasarely, Go Home, 2011. Foto: Sebastian Schröder

Andreas Fogarasi: Vasarely Go Home

01/02/2014 until 01/06/2014

Art. Representation. Protest

Freundschaftsantiqua, GfZK 2014. Neubau Außenansicht. Foto Sebastian Schröder


01/02/2014 until 01/06/2014

Foreign students at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig – an international chapter of art…

Café bau bau, 2014. Mural: Ralf Pflugfelder Foto: Sebastian Schröder

Céline Condorelli: Café bau bau

24/01/2014 until 30/04/2018

The interior design reveals unusual details and creates a sequence of narratives

DRAWING PROTEST GfZK, 2013. Publikation zur Ausstellung


19/10/2013 until 19/01/2014

On drawing's new importance in the wake of the global protest movements in recent years

Alexandra Pirici, Fotograf: Johannes Ernst

Joanna Warsza: Performative Democracy

19/10/2013 until 17/12/2013

In collaboration with the artists Alexandra Pirici, Ulf Aminde and Pablo Helguera, classic cultural practices…

Olafur Eliasson: Yet Untitled, 1998. Foto: Hans-Christian Schink


19/10/2013 until 30/03/2014

The exhibition asks about the visible, the unvisible and the apparent

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