Conscious Inability: The Gabriele Stötzer Archive #2

The Stötzer archive is an exhibition, research and mediation project in three parts.

Since March 8, the exhibition has shown Stötzer’s artistic-activist practice in the 1980s. Stötzer was mainly working in collective groups of female artists or with protagonists of the subculture scene in Erfurt.

Part 2 focuses on the social context of the GDR: the relationship between surveillance by state security and the testing of open spaces and subversive actions becomes apparent. Based on her own artistic practice, the artist Paula Gehrmann develops space installations for the Stötzer Archive that comment on and extend Stötzer’s work as well as the conception of the archive.

Kindly supported by

Leibniz-Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des östlichen Europa (GWZO)

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