Clemens von Wedemeyer – “Mehrheiten” [Majorities]

Clemens von Wedemeyer’s solo exhibition is based on the architecture of the new GfZK building.

Inspired by Elias Canetti’s book Crowds and Power, the artist deals with phenomena of mass mobilisation in history and in the present day. In addition to photographic works and documents from the Elias Canetti Archive, he shows a new production filmed at the Museum of Art Lucerne. In collaboration with Leipzig activists from 1989, he has developed an animation entitled Montag which visualises various phases of Leipzig’s “Monday Demonstrations” during the autumn of 1989. These demonstrations, which led to the fall of the Berlin wall, are simulated using digital figures. However, there is one large difference – rather than singular events, the mass is shown as a continuous movement around the inner city ring.

In collaboration with the Museum of Art Lucerne, Centre d’Art Carré, Nimes

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