Clemens von Wedemeyer – Mehrheiten [Majorities]

Thirty years on from 1989, when the masses went out onto the streets of Leipzig demanding a change in society, we now find ourselves in the midst of a new period of upheaval. The digital revolution has not only changed the image of society, but also enables new democratic models of participation to emerge. Used by right-wing groups to mobilise forces against an open society, these tools of free consensus-building are controversial.

Based on Elias Canetti’s “Masse und Macht (Crowds and Power)”, published in 1960, Clemens von Wedemeyer’s comprehensive solo exhibition “Majorities” deals with the representation of historical and current phenomena of mass mobilisation, along with their political and psychological effects. How do people join forces with one another, what dynamics can arise within analogue and digital crowds, how is social behaviour rehearsed by means of simulation? The artist’s perspective ranges from historical mass phenomena to the analysis of contemporary images and their distribution mechanisms.

Specially designed with the architecture of the GfZK New Building in mind, the exhibition includes a comprehensive selection of cinematic works and video installations by the artist. Based on conversations and research on the subject of the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig in 1989, Clemens von Wedemeyer has also developed a new production entitled “70.001”, presenting a fictitious reproduction of the events.
To accompany the exhibition, a comprehensive mediation programme on “mass, majority and collectivity” is planned, along with a publication.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

In collaboration with the Museum of Art Lucerne.

Kindly supported by

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Free State of Saxony.


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