The scholarship for curators is a cooperation between the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and the GfZK. The aim of the scholarship is to promote international cultural exchange, to research and present transcultural phenomena. It serves the purpose of mutual networking and the formation of sustainable collegial relationships between the scholarship holders, their countries of origin and the GfZK. The curators stay at the museum for one year and conclude their time with their own project.

If you have any questions about the scholarship, please contact Constance Künzel at

Eleni Michaelidi

2023 until 2024

Hyejin Park

2021 until 2022

Tuan Do Duc

2020 until 2021

Hai Nam Nguyen

2019 until 2020

Yi Gao

2018 until 2019

Mengting Ying

2017 until 2018

Kateryna Mishchenko

2016 until 2017

Zlata Borůvková

2014 until 2015

Lenka Kukurová

2013 until 2014

Olga Vostretsova

2012 until 2013

Airi Triisberg

2011 until 2012

Radmila Joksimović

2010 until 2011

Nini Palavandishvili

2009 until 2010

Joanna Sokolowska

2008 until 2009

Edina Nagy

2007 until 2008

Andreja Hribernik

2006 until 2007

Lena Prents

2003 until 2005

Ilina Koralova

2002 until 2003

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