Things That Were Are Things Again

13/05/2023 until 20/10/2024

Eröffnung: 12. Mai 2023, 19h

To Have and to Share – who owns the collection?

27/03/2021 until 16/04/2023

Opening on March 26, 4 to 9 pm

Am Ende diese Arbeit

07/02/2020 until 31/01/2021


10/03/2018 until 12/05/2019

collection exhibition

The Present Order – Part 3

07/10/2017 until 14/01/2018

Collection exhibition

The Present Order – Part Two

18/03/2017 until 03/10/2017


The Present Order

19/11/2016 until 14/01/2018


Sediments of Reality

11/04/2015 until 26/07/2015

The installations, video pieces and photographs focus on moments of transition and of fundamental change

Collection Alphabet

12/03/2015 until 15/07/2015

From A to Z, the exhibition presents aspects of collecting, and involves visitors


19/10/2013 until 30/03/2014

The exhibition asks about the visible, the unvisible and the apparent

Mark Hamilton: Untitled (screen)


Till Exit: “Weltall Erde Mensch“ (Universe Earth Man), Manifestation IV


In 2010, Till Exit was commissioned to redesign the GfZK library.

Houses, Faces. GfZK on tour

22/09/2010 until 07/10/2011

The Leipzig Tourismus & Marketing GmbH and the foundation Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig presenting,…

PUZZLE: The Collection's Show for 2010PUZZLE: The Collection's Show for 2010

19/06/2010 until 20/03/2011

The concept's key idea is that a collection can be seen as a puzzle whose…

Commission and Art: East and West in Retrospect

17/04/2010 until 05/09/2010

In the series “Commission and Art – East and West in Retrospect”, different aspects of…

Cabinet II. From the Collection

25/04/2009 until 21/06/2009

The exhibitions of artworks from the GfZK collection illuminate their own construction, including political, historical…

Nonplaces, Places

07/02/2009 until 10/01/2010

The Nonplaces, Places project addresses shifts in the meanings associated with locations and their mutations

Cabinet. From the Collection

09/08/2008 until 21/09/2008

Many of the works found in a collection cannot be permanently exhibited, often due to…

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