Till Exit: “Weltall Erde Mensch“ (Universe Earth Man), Manifestation IV

In 2010, Till Exit was commissioned to redesign the GfZK library. He decided to use lounge chairs and lamps from the 1950s and 1960s, in combination with newly designed tables and shelves, although at first glance it is not always clear which items are old and which are new. The interior design builds a bridge between the present and the past, and vice-versa. The title “Weltall Erde Mensch” refers to a book containing various utopian visions of the future; up until 1975, this was a traditional gift presented to young people at their “Jugendweihe”, an East German celebration at which 14-year-olds are given adult status. Now, Exit transfers this utopian potential to the library; it is to be a place where you feel inspired to fantasise about the near and the distant future.

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