PUZZLE: The Collection’s Show for 2010PUZZLE: The Collection’s Show for 2010

For the exhibition PUZZLE, ten different groups will each exhibit in one of the exhibition spaces in the Neubau over half a year, whereby each group is made up of many participants. In this way, new spaces will be created at irregular intervals. PUZZLE is a constantly changing exhibit. The involved groups have a direct or indirect connection to the house collection: there are the members of the Friends Organisation, who are responsible for most of the GfZK’s purchases, then there are the art mediators from GFZK FOR YOU or the mediation team, who constantly deal with questions about art education – especially in relation to the collection in recent years. The conservators are the ones who are devoted to questions of conservation and make inquiries concerning the condition and handling of the collection. In addition, the artists are the ones who grapple with questions related to inventory and collecting. The custodian and the portfolio manager of the GfZK both have the most intensive, albeit different, relationship with the collection. In addition, there will be zones for potential purchases for works made in connection with GfZK, but where museum lacked the money to acquire them. Then there will be an exhibit space for collecting differently with works which would fit into the collection well, yet don’t fit in with or weren’t envisioned by the collection’s concept. Works related or referring to the collection by students from the Intermedia class of the HGB will make up another group.

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