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Many of the works found in a collection cannot be permanently exhibited, often due to a lack of space or for conservation reasons such as the light sensitivity or frailty of drawings, photographs and works on paper employing the most varied graphic techniques, objects and multiples. It makes more sense to present this kind of work in small, so-called ›Kabinett exhibitions‹ which are rotated at regular intervals. ›Kabinett‹ introduces selected works from our collection, giving visitors the chance to examine them in greater detail. Why, for example, does Carlfriedrich Claus dedicate his drawing from 1965 with the allusive title ›An Allegorical Essay for Albert Wigand. A future problem facing communism: the naturalisation of mankind, the humanisation of nature‹ to Albert Wigand? ›Kabinett‹, the ›small room‹, by no means coincidental is the association with such traditions as the ›cabinets of curiosities‹, the precursor to many modern art collections. Reminiscent of the ›cabinets of curiosities‹ are the collages by Kiki Smith. ›Kabinett‹ will also bring to mind the special labs for science classes at school. Appropriate in this context are Hanne Darboven’s systematic exercises in writing in her ›World Views‹, which take the form of wall newspapers.

Thanks to Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig and Uta Leichsenring/Bundesbeauftragter/BStU für die Unterlagen des Staatssicherheitsdienstes der ehemaligen DDR, Halle/S.


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