11/09/2010 until 14/11/2010

Seven artists have been invited to examine allotments in the city as particular expressions of…

Ahmet Ögüt

11/09/2010 until 14/11/2010

The artist calls attention to elements of everyday life that seem unimportant at first



Every second year the café of the GfZK gets a new design by different artists…

PUZZLE: The Collection's Show for 2010PUZZLE: The Collection's Show for 2010

19/06/2010 until 20/03/2011

The concept's key idea is that a collection can be seen as a puzzle whose…

atelier le balto ›The Garden as a Form of Expression‹

19/06/2010 until 29/08/2010

The exhibition of projects "atelier le balto" has been involved in up to now affords…

Commission and Art: East and West in Retrospect

17/04/2010 until 05/09/2010

In the series “Commission and Art – East and West in Retrospect”, different aspects of…

Nouveaux Commanditaires en France

17/04/2010 until 13/06/2010

The exhibition presents seven French projects of the « Nouveaux commanditaires » from the period…

Bernhard Cella. Salon für Kunstbuch. An Artwork as Enterprise

20/03/2010 until 13/02/2011

Bernhard Cella has an interest in current forms of visual art, which shift modes of…

Carte Blanche X: Circle of Friends ›Hans Brosch‹

23/01/2010 until 05/04/2010

For the artist Hans Brosch (born 1943), the year 1979 was to be a pivotal…

ROOM 107: Katharina Immekus

11/12/2009 until 14/03/2010

Katharina Immekus is interested in concepts such as home (Heimat), normality and reality. The landscapes…

Julia Born: Title of the Show

08/10/2009 until 29/11/2009

Together with the designer Laurenz Brunner, Julia Born has devised a large-scale installation

Carte Blanche VIII: ›Listen to Your Eyes‹. Works from the Schmidt-Drenhaus Collection

29/08/2009 until 25/10/2009

The Schmidt-Drenhaus collection compromises works of modern art, primarily expressionism, German post-war art and New…

Workers leaving their workplaces

22/08/2009 until 27/09/2009

ROOM 107: Julia Schmidt. STOK ROOM

27/06/2009 until 09/08/2009

STOK ROOM - a provisional construction, a bricolaged ‚hybrid' of workshop and store room -…

Carte Blanche VII: Galerie EIGEN + ART ›NEW YORK. BASEL. BERLIN. LONDON. MIAMI. (Das Prinzip Messe)‹

20/06/2009 until 16/08/2009

The gallery’s attendance at art fairs is central to Galerie EIGEN + ART, as these…

Cabinet II. From the Collection

25/04/2009 until 21/06/2009

The exhibitions of artworks from the GfZK collection illuminate their own construction, including political, historical…

Carte Blanche VI: VNG-Verbundnetz Gas AG ›EAST for the record‹

04/04/2009 until 07/06/2009

The photo collection of Verbundnetz Gas AG is one of the most significant collections of…

Nonplaces, Places

07/02/2009 until 10/01/2010

The Nonplaces, Places project addresses shifts in the meanings associated with locations and their mutations

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