Sarah Sze: Still Life with Flowers


The architecture of the building served as the starting point for the project

ROOM 107

27/11/2010 until 30/01/2011

Sponsored by Sachsen Bank, four artists from Leipzig are presented in ROOM 107 each year.…

atelier le balto ›Lustgang‹


The Lustgang project starts off at the area surrounding the pilgrim church, (re)creating space for…

Houses, Faces. GfZK on tour

22/09/2010 until 07/10/2011

The Leipzig Tourismus & Marketing GmbH and the foundation Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig presenting,…

Rebecca Stephany: More Abgrund, More Zweifel, Less Pfederpipi

11/09/2010 until 14/11/2010

Stephany uses is developed in relation to the respective task, situation and context


11/09/2010 until 14/11/2010

Seven artists have been invited to examine allotments in the city as particular expressions of…

Ahmet Ögüt

11/09/2010 until 14/11/2010

The artist calls attention to elements of everyday life that seem unimportant at first



Every second year the café of the GfZK gets a new design by different artists…

PUZZLE: The Collection's Show for 2010PUZZLE: The Collection's Show for 2010

19/06/2010 until 20/03/2011

The concept's key idea is that a collection can be seen as a puzzle whose…

atelier le balto ›The Garden as a Form of Expression‹

19/06/2010 until 29/08/2010

The exhibition of projects "atelier le balto" has been involved in up to now affords…

Commission and Art: East and West in Retrospect

17/04/2010 until 05/09/2010

In the series “Commission and Art – East and West in Retrospect”, different aspects of…

Nouveaux Commanditaires en France

17/04/2010 until 13/06/2010

The exhibition presents seven French projects of the « Nouveaux commanditaires » from the period…

Bernhard Cella. Salon für Kunstbuch. An Artwork as Enterprise

20/03/2010 until 13/02/2011

Bernhard Cella has an interest in current forms of visual art, which shift modes of…

Carte Blanche X: Circle of Friends ›Hans Brosch‹

23/01/2010 until 05/04/2010

For the artist Hans Brosch (born 1943), the year 1979 was to be a pivotal…

ROOM 107: Katharina Immekus

11/12/2009 until 14/03/2010

Katharina Immekus is interested in concepts such as home (Heimat), normality and reality. The landscapes…

Julia Born: Title of the Show

08/10/2009 until 29/11/2009

Together with the designer Laurenz Brunner, Julia Born has devised a large-scale installation

Carte Blanche VIII: ›Listen to Your Eyes‹. Works from the Schmidt-Drenhaus Collection

29/08/2009 until 25/10/2009

The Schmidt-Drenhaus collection compromises works of modern art, primarily expressionism, German post-war art and New…

Workers leaving their workplaces

22/08/2009 until 27/09/2009

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