DenkMal: Perspektivwechsel

From the perspective of contemporary art, the exhibition deals with the current perception of the monument and its political incorporation. With their designs, the artists present possible ways of dealing with the historical monument of the sculptor Georg Wrba in a new way. The proposals are based on the memorial’s original intention as a memorial “to make such blood sacrifices impossible for mankind in the future” (OB Georg Boock, 1930) and invite citizens to a public discussion about the culture of remembrance.

DenkMal: A change of perspective was initiated as part of the “New Patrons” program in Saxony. The client is the Wurzen Alliance for Democracy Against Neo-Nazism. The alliance includes city councilors from all democratic groups, representatives of the churches, youth work in the city of Wurzen and the region, the network for democratic culture, the cultural history museum in Wurzen, interested citizens and representatives of the city administration.

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