Andreas Fogarasi: Vasarely Go Home

01/02/2014 until 01/06/2014

Art. Representation. Protest


01/02/2014 until 01/06/2014

Foreign students at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig – an international chapter of art…

Céline Condorelli: Café bau bau

24/01/2014 until 30/04/2018

The interior design reveals unusual details and creates a sequence of narratives


19/10/2013 until 19/01/2014

On drawing's new importance in the wake of the global protest movements in recent years

Joanna Warsza: Performative Democracy

19/10/2013 until 17/12/2013

In collaboration with the artists Alexandra Pirici, Ulf Aminde and Pablo Helguera, classic cultural practices…


19/10/2013 until 30/03/2014

The exhibition asks about the visible, the unvisible and the apparent

Gute Sicht

01/10/2013 until 01/03/2014

Since 2008, the Museum for Contemporary Art Leipzig has been showing parts of its collection…

Kateřina Šedá: at sixes and sevens (von links nach schräg)

21/09/2013 until 05/01/2014

Kateřina Šedá is interested in collective processes and the potential of the individuals who are…

Hausgemeinschaft (family affairs)

08/06/2013 until 29/09/2013

The theme of family (lat. familia = household community) ­– and of what a family…

Hands-on Urbanism 1850-2012. The Right to Green

08/06/2013 until 08/09/2013

The research-based exhibition is dedicated to the history of the idea of appropriating land in…

Lala Raščić: Whatever The Object

09/03/2013 until 26/05/2013

The cultural translation of historical and mythological narratives

Up Till Now - Reconsidering historical performances and actionist art from the GDR

09/03/2013 until 26/05/2013

The research and exhibition project „Up Till Now“ plans an examination and contemporary reconsideration of…

Back to Tomorrow

16/02/2013 until 26/05/2013

But what is memory? What do we remember, and why? How do we construct memory?…

Helga Paris. Photography

08/12/2012 until 27/01/2013

Helga Paris, born in 1938, has taken an outstanding position in German photography. She is…

Textiles: Open Letter

01/12/2012 until 03/02/2013

In a series of discussions, exhibitions, workshops and presentations ›Textiles: Open Letter‹ is dedicated to…

Restitution of a Missing Past?

10/11/2012 until 03/02/2013

In the area of conflict between mythology, history and individual ways of behaving, the exhibition…

Dainius Liškevičius: Museum

10/11/2012 until 03/02/2013

In seiner Installation „Museum” beschäftigt sich Dainius Liškevičius mit möglichen Formen der freien politischen und…

Urs Lehni

19/10/2012 until 20/10/2012

The 2011 prizewinner, Urs Lehni, suggested conceiving a new design for the GfZK website

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