Céline Condorelli: Café bau bau

The café of the GfZK is regularly redesigned by artists. The current café, bau bau, was designed by the London artist Céline Condorelli. The colours and forms evoke different styles and cultural influences, the decor combines constructivist exhibitions with African textiles. The bau bau café reveals unusual details and stories written into the objects within. The use and connection of materials is striking. The copper pipe serves as a table leg and a lamp holder, and the table tops are decorated with PVC inlays. A mural reflects the room, transforming it into a mysterious landscape. The objects furnishing the space can be combined to allow guests to curl up in a corner or sit with others around a large table. Not only does this allow for different constellations, but it also recreates different societal codes and views.

Céline Condorelli’s bau bau café was created as a kind of talking school cafeteria in the context of the School for Design Fiction.

Céline Condorellis Café bau bau was realized in cooperation with Sam Kennedy, James Langdon, Rita McBride and Ralf Pflugfelder in the context of School for Design Fiction.


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