Café Neubau: Club Weezie

The new building completed in 2004 for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig included rooms for a new café. It was decided to continue the excisting practice of changing the café’s interior look at regular intervals and asking a different artist to do this each time. Anita Leisz (Vienna) was commissioned to design and create the current interior. Her concept is based upon the idea of installing two types of establishment in one and the same place: the Neubau Café and – in the evenings from Friday to Sunday – the Weezie Club, which will hold a variety of events. This is evident in the furnishings as well. The tables suggest a youthful lifestyle, with old furniture adapted and given a coat of paint. The tartan pattern used is intended to stand for tradition, values and family. The two-part mirror in the toilets can either reveal the scratched- in lines ›you do not understand me/ I’m a teenager/ I’ve problems‹ or cover the words up.

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