Jun Yang: Hotel Paris Syndrom

Paris syndrome is a condition exhibited by some Japanese tourists who are disturbed by their experience of Paris in contrast with their idealized preconceptions. They suffer a kind of culture shock that is actually closer to trauma. Any travel can lead to frustration if visitors have envisioned something better than what they encounter. But new discoveries are also possible if one is open to new experiences instead of tied to these preconceptions. This is the crux of Hotel Paris Syndrom. Instead of originals, one encounters replicas. The chairs are upholstered with counterfeit Louis Vuitton, and opulent, cheap chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The chairs are reminiscent of the design by Charles and Ray Eames, the tables of French bistro tables. The photographs hanging on the walls show famous buildings in architecture from different places across the world. On closer inspection, the counterfeits turn out to be independent and idiosyncratic interpretations.

Booking and Information:
Eduardo Xerez
+49 1511 2910909

Price: €105 / night for 1 guest, €120 / night for 2 guests (including parking)

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