Christine Hill: Hotel Volksboutique

Christine Hill is an artist invited by the GfZK with experience in interior decorating. The standards of her work correspond to those expected of a unique hotel. The Hotel Volksboutique takes up the concept of DIY. Hill is fascinated by hardware stores and the way in which they present their materials and objects. The decor of the suite follows this multimateriality. It contains paint colour chips, carpet patterns and a range of high quality wallpapers, as well as a colourful selection of bathroom tiles. Measuring tape, pencils and sketch pads invite visitors to plan a project of their own.

Christine Hill established the Volksboutique label in 1996, and has since earned international renown. She continuously renegotiates the value of art (as a service) and employs a simple marketing logic: The customer is king. This is written on one of her Service Slogans, which also decorate the GfZK hotel suite. She transfers the principle of DIY to Volksboutique, but is not interested in mass manufacturing. Rather, she is focused on the individual.

The Hotel Volksboutique was supported by: VORWERK (carpet), Villeroy & Boch (tiles, bathroom equipment), Rasch Textil (wallpapers), Marburg Tapeten (wallpapers), Galerie Quadriga (frames), Werbeatelier Compakt (foil cuts), Bembé Parkett Leipzig (floors), 45 kilo (lamps)

Realizations: Paavo Paatz (bathtub), Frank Lustig (bathtub), Torsten Müller (interior construction), Gereon Rahnfeld (interior construction), Robson Missau-Olbertz (painting), Schroeter und Berger (graphic) and many more

Writing Identity. Autobiography in Art. 2003
Houses, Faces. GfZK on tour. Leipzig 2010/2011

Booking and Information:
Ms. Ha Van Cao
+49 1511 2910909
Availibility: Tuesday 10 am to 3 pm, Thursday 10 am to 3 pm

Price: €105 / night for 1 guest, €120 / night for 2 guests (including parking)

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