Appointments X

Appointments X (an experimental participation and exhibition format)

The local as an existing resource – even in the wake of the pandemic – is gaining in importance in the context of institutional practice. The local and the dialogue of different actors in and outside the art field, as well as the building of relationships through communication, are also at the center of the experimental exhibition project “Appointments X”.

“The audience is the best director,” said the theater director Joan Littlewood, who worked with the architect Cedric Price in London in the early 1960s on the Fun Palace project, which could never be realized. The idea was revolutionary. In the Fun Palace a place was to be created in which staging, self-awareness and experience would be inextricably linked. Littlewood was strongly interested in an opening of conventional theater, in which the boundaries between representation and contemplation, between stage and reality would be abolished. Topics that are still extremely topical today.

We are not building a “Fun Palace”! But as a reference, “Appointments X” is referring to it. The exhibition space becomes a temporary stage for encounters. The invited artists, directors, performers interact with the audience. They organize workshops, they bring their village into our house, they activate visitors and take us outside – mentally, but also physically. Some of them are still in the middle of the process and with an open outcome they invite us to think and act with them.

Admission is free for the duration of the exhibition!

Cooperations: University of Fine Arts Dresden, OSTEN Theaterfestival Bitterfeld, Kulturbahnhof e.V. Markkleeberg, FAIL (Fine Arts Institute Leipzig), University of Music and Theatre Leipzig

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