In the exhibition Appointment X – Appointments under Special Conditions, Cornelia Friederike Müller / CFM and 84 other Leipzig artists present the project TROTZDEM YEAH! in cooperation with the Barcelona.

You can find the entire programme during the exhibition period here: TROTZDEM YEAH!_AppointmentX_Programme. Have fun dancing!

Between November 2020 and February 2021, Leipzig’s Tapasbar Barcelona functioned as a temporary studio club. Under the name TROTZDEM YEAH!, 40 events with Leipzig artists were offered as a live+48-hour video stream on TixforGigs: There was the Wednesday Talk, the Dancefloor on Saturday and the Electronic Sunday – and thus talks about clubs and cinemas in the pandemic, film music, DJ sets, live concerts as well as recordings of performances. The motto was “Let us entertain you and support artists and art! in times of Corona”, as 75 percent of the virtual entrance fee went to the artists. With the diverse 50*/50* line-up with 87 Leipzig artists, 30 music genres, a poetry slam, VJ art, live visual improvisation could be heard and seen. As part of the exhibition, the streams of the programme can be viewed once again, as a documentation of TROTZDEM YEAH! and as a snapshot of cultural life in Leipzig. Have you ever danced in a museum? After a year of lockdown, in which public places where dancing is allowed are closed, TROTZDEM YEAH! at APPOINTMENT X expands the museum action space. Here, dance floor evenings are being revived. Intended to be downloaded into one’s own living room, they now leave the private sphere and become public.

The project supports the artists and the Leipzig association Land in Sicht with 75%/25% of the Soliticket revenue from the streaming site TixforGigs. A support association for projects, initiatives and institutions in rural areas and the smaller towns of Saxony that stand up for cosmopolitanism, humane, democratic and social ways of thinking through cultural and social work, for togetherness without discrimination, racism, xenophobia and sexism.

Nevertheless Yeah! @ Barcelona / 84 Leipzig-based Artists
Cornelia Friederike Müller / CFM: Artwork, Camera, Curator, Director, Initiator
Tom Wagner / iroïd: Camera, Initiator, Stream Edit, Stream Graphic
Bea Wolf / Barcelona: Initiator, Location, Support
Markus Ohm / TixforGigs: Streaming Support, Sponsoring
Arne Winter / TixforGigs: Streaming Support, Sponsoring
Mirko Fahr / Barcelona: Production Assistance
Thomas Fichtner: Technical Support
Conne Island Leipzig: Technical Support

Special thanks to: Anna Malysz, Francis Hunger, Luci Unlimited, Robin Nguyen, Team BarceLaden/Barcelona, Falk / Sound of Leipzig, Jens Wollweber / FrohFroh, Schnesen, Georg Bigalke, Le Clûb Virale / Schauspiel Leipzig, Matthias Puppe / LVZ Leipzig, Sandy Feldbacher / Kippe Straßenmagazin, Volly Tanner and the Leipzig city magazines ahoi, Kreuzer and Urbanite for their support and company in the lockdown.

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