Maren Roloff: Vierergruppe


In 1993 she started working with rubber hoses of disused truck tires

Show Rooms. GfZK on tour

09/12/2008 until 19/12/2008
Käthe-Kollwitz-Street 1

›GfZK on tour‹ provides an opportunity to encounter art outside of typical museum spaces. The…

ROOM 107: Arthur Zalewski

22/11/2008 until 11/01/2009

Chance, reconception, deconstruction, imperfection, issues of identity ... these are just a few of the…

Carte Blanche IV: Dogenhaus Gallery Leipzig

08/11/2008 until 11/01/2009

Jochen Hempel, owner of the Dogenhaus Gallery Leipzig, is exhibiting works by Mark Lombardi and…

Paris Syndrome. Café Neubau


The Concept of having artists create alternating interior designs was retained in the new spaces,…

Piotr Jaros ›Eurogum‹

24/10/2008 until 21/11/2008

Jaros stellt sich in den Zusammenhang einer sich wandelnden Gesellschaft, die sich globalen Anforderungen nicht…

Laurent Benner: Und, mit, auch...

27/09/2008 until 16/11/2008

Benner works as a freelance designer for White Cube, the Tate Modern, among others

Versions - The artists' library

26/09/2008 until 04/01/2009

Carte Blanche III: ›Poems in View of the Facts‹ Brigitte and Arend Oetker

30/08/2008 until 26/10/2008

Brigitte and Arend Oetker show works from their collection.

Cabinet. From the Collection

09/08/2008 until 21/09/2008

Many of the works found in a collection cannot be permanently exhibited, often due to…

Isabella Hollauf: Recreation Spaces

28/06/2008 until 03/08/2008

In her exhibition, Hollauf focuses on ›Erholungsräume‹ or ›Recreational Spaces‹. In this context she exhibits…

ROOM 107: Mark Hamilton ›Reverb‹

01/05/2008 until 22/06/2008

Mark Hamilton is producing new work for his presentation in the context of the ›RAUM…

ROOM 107: Markus Dreßen PRINTED MATTER

01/03/2008 until 20/04/2008

Markus Dreßen works closely with artists, curators and authors in his projects. These partnerships of…

KW. Hommage à Klaus Werner

09/02/2008 until 11/01/2009

A programmatic beginning was created, to bring together works from East and West

Otto Zitko

21/11/2007 until 13/07/2008

Kay Bachmann: Remo Fasani. Novenari

20/10/2007 until 13/01/2008

For the exhibition, which will take place in the museum’s new building, Kay Bachmann has…

Joachim Brohm: OHIO

20/10/2007 until 13/01/2008

In the 1980s (1988-1992) Joachim Brohm spent his time photographing Germany’s industrial Ruhr region. In…

Muntean / Rosenblum MAKE DEATH LISTEN

13/07/2007 until 07/10/2007

The wide-ranging exhibition at the GfZK will be backed up by a presentation of films…

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