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The Museum for Contemporary Art Leipzig is expanding its exhibition program with the› GfZK on tour ‹series: In cooperation with CPS Real Estate, temporary exhibitions are being set up in vacant buildings that deal with the respective building or its new purpose. At the start of the cooperation project, works from the GfZK collection will be shown under the title› MusterrÆume ‹.

Sample rooms are rooms that model facilities and uses. They are often committed to perfectionism that cannot withstand everyday life. Sample rooms are very popular in both the West and the East, but have now lost their universal social aspirations and are now trying to respond to the different lifestyles with pluralistic offers.Together with the Leipzig artist Till Exit, a spatial solution was developed for the first floor of the Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße 1 building. Living room chairs, tables and lamps from the 1950s and 1960s that Exit had collected over the years illuminate the past. The works of art from the collection deal with decor and taste, high and popular culture. CPS Real Estate is a company specializing in value-based real estate asset management and real estate marketing. The company has been based in Leipzig since 2004 and manages real.

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