ROOM 107: Markus Dreßen PRINTED MATTER

01/03/2008 until 20/04/2008

Markus Dreßen works closely with artists, curators and authors in his projects. These partnerships of…

KW. Hommage à Klaus Werner

09/02/2008 until 11/01/2009

A programmatic beginning was created, to bring together works from East and West

Otto Zitko

21/11/2007 until 13/07/2008

Kay Bachmann: Remo Fasani. Novenari

20/10/2007 until 13/01/2008

For the exhibition, which will take place in the museum’s new building, Kay Bachmann has…

Joachim Brohm: OHIO

20/10/2007 until 13/01/2008

In the 1980s (1988-1992) Joachim Brohm spent his time photographing Germany’s industrial Ruhr region. In…

Muntean / Rosenblum MAKE DEATH LISTEN

13/07/2007 until 07/10/2007

The wide-ranging exhibition at the GfZK will be backed up by a presentation of films…

Dora García ROOMS, CONVERSATIONS (Blinky Palermo)

21/04/2007 until 01/07/2007

Dora García uses the exhibition space as a platform to investigate the relationship between the…


03/02/2007 until 20/01/2008

The first presentation from the collection features artists from former East Germany

Tilo Schulz: FORMSCHÖN

20/01/2007 until 07/04/2007

In his exhibition FORMSCHÖN, Tilo Schulz devotes himself to this phenomenon from the perspective of…

Artworks Donation

21/11/2006 until 30/12/2006

Der Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI übergab 2006 einen Teil seiner Kunstsammlung als Schenkung…

Café Neubau: Club Weezie


Anita Leisz (Vienna) was commissioned to design and create the current interior. Her concept is…

Regine Müller-Waldeck: EMOTIONAL SECURITY

28/10/2006 until 07/01/2007

The Leipzig artist sees her installations and objects as vehicles to generate dialogues within and…


28/10/2006 until 21/01/2007

LIMINAL SPACES/grenzräume is a project by the Palestinian Association of Contemporary Arts (PACA), Ramallah, The…


28/10/2006 until 07/01/2007

In her pictures Anna Meyer confronts and contrasts competing discourses about truth, spotlighting social and…

Dorit Margreiter: ANALOG (Blinky Palermo)

02/09/2006 until 15/10/2006

›Analog‹ is a survey of Dorit Margreiter’s artistic exploration of architecture and setting, in which…

Office of Cognitive Urbanism: LAST MINUTE

02/09/2006 until 15/10/2006

This exhibition is concerned with escape and the desperate urge to "be away" as a…

Gray Zones

20/05/2006 until 13/08/2006

The international exhibition GRAY ZONES is focused on mutual communication between exponents of early post-modern…

Deimantas Narkevičius

20/05/2006 until 13/08/2006

New photographic works and films will be shown. The photos are concerned with the “radical…

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