Responsive Subjects – The design of Collective Actions / Designing Collective Actions

“Responsive Subjects” is about communication, exchange and self-empowerment. In this project, with its interdisciplinary, process-oriented and participatory approach, three young internationally acclaimed cultural protagonists present their work in Leipzig for the first time. Kateřina Šedá, James Langdon and Joanna Warsza focus their attention on the creation of social processes in site-specific projects. During the process of the realisation of “Responsive Subjects”, the institution becomes a production facility and a space for negotiation, where architecture, fine arts, design, performance and mediation are interrelated.

The title “Responsive Subjects” relates to both the interaction of the participants and the complex references between the disciplines, the methods used and the themes addressed. What effect do changes in the environment have on self-perception and the perception of others, on social behaviour and communication?  In what way are spatial and cognitive structures dependent on one another? Some of the questions relate back to previous projects in which the participants have been involved, and some of these are integrated into in the current process. Šedá sketches out a topography of self-empowered action, Langdon creates discursive learning spaces; Warsza, on the other hand, focuses her attention on the relationship between culture, institution and publicity. From the perspective of various disciplines, they develop projects that are carried out with the help of local and international participants and documented in a three-part publication – instructions, course book and theory booklet.


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