Ich als Masse (1) – telling and counting

AfD-Demo in Erfurt, 2015, Foto Forschungsgruppe Durchgezählt
AfD-Demo in Erfurt, 2015, Foto Forschungsgruppe Durchgezählt

Series of events on the phenomenon of the majority in popular culture, brain research and politics.

Heike Geißler, who co-developed the concept, will moderate the evening and introduce the topic.

In the context of the exhibition MEHRHEITEN (Majorities) by Clemens von Wedemeyer the series of events will focus on the different aspects of the importance of the individual. Who counts? How do tales of the many arise? How do they get devalued? How is long-term political effect achieved by the media event of a protest or an uprising? The first event is about telling and counting. Agnès Arp talks about representation and visibility of the individual’s destiny as well as the processes that underlie social changes, based on the experience of ‘Oral History’. Stephan Poppe (University Leipzig) reports on ‘Durchgezählt’, the quantitative recording of crowds and criticism of high numbers.”

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