Presentation: workshop hybrid identities

Hybrid identities – arabic

‘ATA – Akademie für Transkulturellen Austausch’ invites:

WORKSHOP#2 Hybrid identities with Marie-Eve Levasseur & Karoline Schneider
September 28, 6-8 pm public presentation

The workshop takes place in cooperation with the project ‘Visibility Room’.

What influence do places, meetings, surroundings, climate, a language’s structure and the current moment have to the perception? When and how do we start to interpret? Which consequences do mistakes, changes of meaning and misunderstandings have? How can we see, hear and taste empathetic and multi-perspective?
The interdisciplinary workshop tries to look into the idea of a fluid perception.

We will share stories and their development in time and space according to an object brought to the GfZK by you.
That could be a pattern, a text’s fragment, voices, a song, word, picture, video, a movement, recipe etc.
We dive into the multiple translations and observe the interconnections in the transit-spaces of childhood and adulthood, places of residence and destination. We would like to present the essences of our conversations in a pop-up display on September 28, at the GfZK.

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