Art Prize Future of Europe

The Art Prize Future of Europe is annually awarded since 2003. The prize worth 5.000 Euro has been brought into life by Matthias Brühl  in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art. Five specialists were respectively asked to put forward three candidates. The final decision of the Award Winner is met by the jury appointed for the period of three years. The Prize is associated with an exhibition in the GfZK.

Christian Nyampeta was the winner of the Art Prize Future of Europe in 2019. This first project led to an in-depth collaboration, resulting in the new production How to Live Together.
In his artistic practice, Nyampeta combines art, design and philosophy, often incorporating questions of postcolonial critique. His works contribute to the central questions: how can we find ways of living together in the modern world? On what are our perceptions of one another based? He finds points of reference for his approach in the exploration of postcolonial worlds, the history of philosophy in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa and the reappraisal of archives and museums in the wake of decolonisation.
In his new production How to Live Together, Nyampeta turns his attention to (post)colonial narratives and fiction from a German perspective. His starting point is intensive research in archives such as the Archive of the Missionaries of Africa – White Fathers in Cologne, the Special African Collection at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and the Geographical Archive at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography in Leipzig. Special emphasis is placed on the estate of Hans Meyer, one of the most famous explorers of Rwanda during the colonial period in Germany.

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