Eric Baudelaire „Dora Maar: Début“ – Spaces of Art – Part 2

As part of a public contract, Eric Baudelaire, a recipient of the art prize “Future of Europe”, has been working with pupils from the Dora Maar comprehensive school in Saint Ouen since the spring of 2015. His project is an extension of the highly traditional 1% ruling for art in the public arena. Over a period of four years, a series of four films was produced or – as the artist would say – one film in four time periods. During the production period, the age of the participating pupils is not the only thing to change – there is also a marked development in their world view, their methods and ability to relate their individual experiences and address larger social contexts. At the same time, they learn the skills and techniques of filmmaking, from the conceptual phase to script composition, casting, recording, editing and post-production.

Eric Baudelaire, artist, filmmaker, born in Salt Lake City in 1973, lives and works in Paris. His work is concerned with the relationship between space and social behaviour, image and event, document and narrative. Up to the present day, his artistic practice is inspired by his former studies in the field of social sciences, and the research-oriented approach he encountered there. In his films, he often integrates the use of photographs, collages, publications, etc. Baudelaire’s works have already enjoyed a great deal of international acclaim, being shown at e.g. Witte de With – Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam, the Elizabeth Dee Gallery in New York, the Fridericianum in Kassel, the Biennale in Taipei and most recently the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Eric Baudelaire was the winner of the Art Prize Future of Europe in 2016. Introduced by Matthias Brühl and Dietmar Schulz, the Art Prize has been awarded on an annual basis since 2003. The award comprises a solo exhibition of the winning artist’s work.

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