The library in the Villa of the GfZK is accessible to all. The library collection can be researched in the online catalog and is freely usable without registration. The library opens Tue + Wed from 9am - 5pm and Thu + Fri from 9am - 2pm. For further information please contact books@gfzk.de, 0049 341 140 8112 or on your personal visit.

Bibliotheksansicht. Foto: Matthias Ritzmann


The library in the Villa is accessible to everyone.The collection is comprised of around 25,000…

Interview mit Julius Deutschbauer. Foto: Julia Rößner


Projects and events of the library

Till Exit: Weltall Erde Mensch, Manifestation IV, 2011. Foto: Andreas Enrico Grunert

Till Exit

Till Exit „Weltall Erde Mensch, Manifestation IV“, 2011

Mark Hamilton, Untitled (screen), Foto: Stefan Fischer


Mark Hamilton „Untitled (screen)", 2011

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