Symposium: Glossary of Undisciplined Design

Glossary of Undisciplined Design
Glossary of Undisciplined Design

The Glossary of Undisciplined Design (GUD) is a loose collection of disobedient strategies, empowering role models and critical tools in graphic design, brought together by Anja Kaiser and Rebecca Stephany. GUD is a series of teaching formats and workshops, a symposium and a publication. It celebrates pioneers of nonconformity and care in graphic design as well as contemporaries who work towards dismantling and overcoming design’s Eurocentric and male-dominated historiography. In doing so, GUD combines a multitude of theories and narratives with unruly tools and strategies for empowering modes of contemporary design practice.

The three-day symposium at the GfZK from February 20 to 23, 2020, brings together international designers and thinkers from different generations and traditions. Cherishing its original meaning as a convivial gathering, the symposium will become a site of informal, collaborative, performative as well as discursive parts and interventions. The symposium’s aim is to create moments of focus, exchange and togetherness, in order to discuss possible entries to the glossary and look for polyphonic definitions.
The outcomes of the symposium will be part of a print version of GUD, to be published in autumn 2020.

Opening lecture by Sheila Levrant de Bretteville (The Sheila Studio / Yale School of Art).

Lectures, workshops and encounters with: Clara Balaguer (Hardworking Goodlooking), Ece Canlı (Decolonising Design Group), Hackers & Designers, Jungmyung Lee (Jung-Lee Type Foundry), Sara Kaaman (Girls Like Us), Anja Kaiser and Rebecca Stephany with students of the Karlsruhe Academy of Arts and Design (HfG) and many more allies.

Attendance is free of charge
Registration until December 18, 2019:

Glossary Of Undisciplined Design is a project by Anja Kaiser and Rebecca Stephany. The symposium is realized in cooperation with GfZK (Museum for Contemporary Art Leipzig).

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