Talks on performance and publications: when paper performs

In Aktion: when paper performs, Foto Henriette Aichinger
In Aktion: when paper performs, Foto Henriette Aichinger

When papers perform is a collaborative and research project that explores the question of what remains after a performance. The project focuses on the artists’ view of their own publications and the relationship between the performative and the recorded. Artists’ books, handwritten notes, dramaturgical instructions, poetic associations or drawings will be presented and the conversation about the translation process from action to paper and vice versa will be opened.

The project team around Angelika Waniek: Henriette Aichinger, Elena Strempek and Kristina Patzelt is looking forward to presenting “when paper performs”, to exchanging ideas with interested parties about the interaction of performance and publications and to winning new positions for the project.

In cooperation with Zora Asse and Cristina Zickert – Studio A-Z (Leipzig)

26 + 27 April 14 – 19 h in the New Building

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