Discussion: Leon Kahane and Hito Steyerl, moderated by Julia Voss GfZK Leipzig

Leon Kahane, Jerrycans to Can Jerry, 2020
Leon Kahane, Jerrycans to Can Jerry, 2020

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From 24.11.2022 the GfZK presents the work “Jerrycans to Can Jerry” by Leon Kahane.

The video installation shows a contemporary witness of the Second World War in the form of a Bezinkanister and lets him tell his story. The Wehrmacht canister, which became known as the “Jerrycan”, was mass-produced by the Max Brose company from 1936 onwards. By employing forced labourers, the company was able to expand. A direct line leads from the memory of this company history to the art field’s entanglements with Germany’s Nazi past and the continuities in the present. Today, the Brose heiress Julia Stoschek is considered one of the most important collectors on the international art market.

The presentation of Kahane’s work will open with a discussion event. Moderated by the art critic and historian Julia Voss, Leon Kahane and the artist Hito Steyerl will talk about the art field’s entanglements with the violent histories of Germany’s past, the connections between art, politics and business, questions of coming to terms with the past and the impact of art.

We kindly ask you to wear a mask during the event.

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