Anja Kaiser – Whose.Agency

For the first time in its history, the INFORM – Prize for Conceptual Design is awarded to a graphic artist based in Leipzig. Anja Kaiser, at home in the field of activism in subcultural scenes, goes out in search of free spaces for social participation. In cooperation with the Institut fuer Zukunft, Conne Island and various queer/feminist groups, she has participated in various events and contributed to their graphic interpretation. In her own work, she investigates the human body as the unavoidable projection surface of a biologically founded determinism, and examines approaches of deconstruction. Here, she processes the borders between graphic art, design, art, music and forms of digital self-empowerment. By means of posters, animated digital images and installations with their own radical aesthetic style, she ensures that the topics she deals with gain the attention of a wide public.

In the runup to her presentation at the GfZK, there will be a digital advertising campaign in the Leipzig urban area. Whose Agency? – starting off from the question of whose active power can generate an equal society, she invited feminist initiatives to submit small ads. She then created designs to represent the concerns of the individual participating groups, including the women’s library Mona LiesA or the magazine, in the form of digital moving image posters. The campaign will be presented in the shop window of the new GfZK building and accompanied by the opening and event on 3 April.

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