GfZK Code of conduct

GfZK Code of conduct
[How we deal with discrimination at the GfZK]

At the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig (GfZK), our aim is to make EVERYONE feel safe and welcome.
For this reason, we have written a code of conduct.

What is a code of conduct?
A code of conduct is a text that deals with the following questions:
How do we wish to treat one another?
How do we behave at the GfZK?
GfZK stands for Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (Museum of Modern Art).

We have drawn up a set of rules.
These rules must be followed by everyone at the GfZK.
They also apply to behaviour on the internet.

The rules are:
Everyone should treat others with respect.
No one should be discriminated against.
To discriminate is another word for undervaluing someone or not treating them as equals.

It is not important

  • how old someone is
  • what they look like
  • whether they are disabled
  • how much money they have
  • what gender they are
  • what skin colour they have
  • where they comes from
  • what sexual identity or orientation they have
  • what religion they belong to.

Everyone must observe these rules.
The rules can be find at the Allgemeinen Gleich-behandlungs-gesetz (AGG).

However, sometimes mistakes are made.
Someone may be treated differently or disrespectfully.
It takes courage and strength to speak out about this kind of unfairness.
If it should happen, we are here to support you.

We wish to learn from our mistakes.
This is why we continually review the code of conduct.
And change it if necessary.

Who are we?
We are the accessibility team.
We work at the GfZK.

Our names are

  • Nicole Döll
  • Alexandra Friedrich
  • Julia Gollan
  • Nora Krings
  • Melanie Ruhe
  • Lena Seik

Do you have a question?
Is there something you would like to talk to us about?
Then please send an e-mail to:

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