10th f/stop – Festival for Photography Leipzig: Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński

In the frame of the group exhibition Flucht in die Öffentlichkeit (literally: “escape into the public sphere”), curated by Magdalena Stöger und Leon Hösl, the GfZK hosts a presentation of the work of Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński. The writer, artist and scholar lives in Vienna. Building on Black feminist theory, she has developed a practice with a specific focus on the voids in public archives and collections. In her work, Kazeem-Kamiński interlocks the documentary with the fictional, critically investigating the colonial past and its ongoing effects in the present.

During 10th f/stop – Festival for Photography Leipzig, and continuing on to September 1, 2024, the GfZK will host a multi-piece installation from Kazeem-Kamiński. The work centres on her video work O.T., K. T. C. I. (2022), which was inspired by Brazilian writer and playwright Augusto Boal. In his “theatre of the oppressed”, Boal urged participants to actively change the prevailing social and political conditions. They are brought to realise the ways in which they internalise oppression, and how they might overcome the “police in one’s head”. In O.T., K. T. C. I., Kazeem-Kamiński presents the individual letters of the sentence “Kill the Cop Inside” in a gestural performative exercise.

Further exhibition sites: Galerie der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Museum der bildenden Künste, Sächsischer Wartesaal im Leipziger Hauptbahnhof, the empty commercial space “Timonhaus”, and D21 Kunstraum, as well as numerous sites in public space.

Further information on the festival: 10. f/stop – Festival für Fotografie Leipzig

Tickets are available here.

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