Meine Wunderkammern

Walk-in spatial and sound installation with virtual reality animation for people of 7 years and over

Film screening and mediation activities on request

Four young people between the ages of 11 and 14 take us on a journey to their secret world. In this world there is no mobbing, no racism and no money. But there is plenty to discover! Wisdom, a boy of Cameroonian descent, Joline, who never wants to grow up, Elias, who lives on his own planet and Roya, who moved to Germany from Iran five years ago, show us fantastic places where they are free to be themselves.
Although they are very different, their everyday lives in Germany have one thing in common: they do not quite fit in. They are different from the others, they can sometimes get into trouble or feel excluded.  Nevertheless, Wisdom, Joline, Elias and Roya manage to break free from the labels “migration background”, “autism” or “learning disability” which are often attached to them. Their song relays a special message: “You are not strange or different, you are unique – so show it!

For Meine Wunderkammern (My Cabinets of Wonder) they have made up stories, built props, written song texts and composed music to express their dreams and fears. In the walk-in spatial installation with drawings, sounds, film props and virtual reality animations, a film of the same name can be seen in German language.

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