Studio Visit: Margret Hoppe

We visited Margret Hoppe in her studio and talked about her work as well as her artistic practice. In her work, the Leipzig artist deals ostensibly with landscapes, architectures and spaces, each of which tells unique stories. Through a precise and at the same time sensitive view, she manages to emphasize the independent without taking possession of the scenery.

The series of works “Südwall”, recently purchased with the support of the Förderkreis, tells of a Franco-German past during World War II. Military bunkers all along the Mediterranean coast served as defenses for the Germans against the Allies. Around Marseille, the remains of the bunkers still exist and blend almost casually into the landscape. Margret Hoppe is less concerned with the object itself than with the integration of it into its surroundings. In addition, the artist examines the significance of Marseille as a city in exile, which served as a place of refuge with hopes of freedom for many intellectuals and artists. With “Südwall” Margret Hoppe documents not only the disappeared, but at the same time the now.

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