Colonial Memory: ReTelling DOAA

At the “German East African Exhibition” (DOAA) in 1897, on the occasion of the “Saxon-Thuringian Industrial and Commercial Exhibition” (STIGA), 47 East Africans were put on display in Leipzig. The disparagement and racialization of black people were deliberate strategies in the legitimation of colonial power. The alliance Colonial Memory: ReTelling DOAA was formed by representatives of the ISD Leipzig, the collective diversif, the AG Leipzig Postkolonial along with private individuals, with the aim of promoting a critical reappraisal of the colonial aspects of the STIGA and creating non-white perspectives. The exhibition includes historical background information, theoretical content, artistic interventions as well as workshops, and invites visitors to engage with Leipzig’s colonial history.


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A project by Colonial Memory, in cooperation with GfZK and the Association of Migrant Organisations in Saxony. With the kind support of the City of Leipzig, as part of the yearly programme „STIGA 1897“.

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