Young Art Group

We are the Young Art Group. We are an open group for young people.  Together, we explore art in Leipzig. Together, we ask ourselves, what is art at all? Who decides about it?  We can do so, can’t we?

On our own, we decide which museums and places we want to investigate in town.  Therefore, we go for a walk, have picnic and explore our living space.  Everything is possible: Drawing, taking photographs or writing. Everything is possible to record our ideas and find answers to our questions.

Until now, we explored the garden of the GfZK, the Karl-Liebknecht Street, the Karl-Heine Street, the Friedenspark and the district Stötteritz. Which places are you interested in?

You can see here, what we already did: project  

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We meet once in a month. It will start at Wednesday, October 06. 2021 at 4 PM in the GfZK!

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