Dr. Klaus Schaffner Preis

Dr. Klaus Schaffner, a board member of the Friends of the GfZK, has established the prize in 2009 in order to fund the projects of the volunteers that respectively work with a scholarship from the Cultural Foundation of Saxony for one year in the GfZK.

Most recently, Hai Nam Nguyen completed his scholarship with the exhibition COVERS. The artist Tristan Schulze presented two new artworks at the GfZK. “Automaton“ takes its inspiration from the textile and pattern archive of the Tannenhauer weaving mill in Braunsdorf, which is almost 200 years old. Fabrics with Biedermeier designs are digitised using a scanner. A programme developed by the artist then generates vast numbers of new patterns from the digitised data. However, these exist only for a moment, before being overwritten by new patterns. The work demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence, allowing visitors to experience the creativity of digital data processing in the exhibition space.

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