Children’s magazine FLIPPO Gaudiopolis

In cooperation with Designer Wiebke Steinert and other artists who are connected to the exhibition “Gaudiopolis – Attempts at a Joyful society”, several workshops will take place in GfZK. These Workshops are focused on creating the children’s magazine FLIPPO Gaudiopolis, which is the continuative of the previous project FLIPPO der Bananenkopf.Whereas FLIPPO der Bananenkopf was linked to two primary schools in Leipzig Schönefeld and editing was based on regural meetings, FLIPPO Gaudiopolis is open to public and there is no need to join the workshops.
Children are involved in the process of designing a magazine and also introduced with some of the printing techniques.The resulting project FLIPPO Gaudiopolis will be presented at the end of the exhibition, accompanied by a Children’s press conference.

FLIPPO Gaudiopolis consists of three key topics: Education, Work and Freetime within the main topic – the Children’s City.


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