Programme Politics of Form

Thursday, 4.2., 7 pm
Zhanna Kadyrova
Exhibition opening

Бükü – Office for Cultural Translations
Aurelienstr. 48 // 04177 Leipzig

Zhanna Kadyrova’s new production, commissioned by Бükü – Office for Cultural Translations, explores cultural, social and political dimensions of the private and public sphere. The relationship between visibility and security is questioned against the background of current everyday experiences in Ukraine.

Friday, 5.2., 5 pm
Introduction: Hedwig Saxenhuber

5.15 pm
Yael Davids
Found objects or artefacts are media that lend a language to stories. At the same time they redefine these stories, provide the possibility of letting go, and create space for new interpretations of the present. Reflecting upon her own family experiences and Jewish migration history, Yael Davids attempts to generate a new meaning for the objects.

5.45 pm
Till Gathmann
A selection of pieces of music regarded as “protest songs” by the selector, applied by the laws of chance to every convulsive moment of an expressive line drawn by the same person, related to the length of each convulsion with no consideration of the actual length of the pieces of music chosen (Convulsion piece), 2016.

6.15 pm
Sara van der Heide
The serial work Hollands Kabinet (Dutch Cabinet) consists of 558 drawings. The same amount of days the ‘Kabinet Rutte’ was in power from 14 October 2010 until 23 April 2012, with the support of the populist right wing Freedom Party. Hollands Kabinet is the name for a traditional Dutch storage cabinet, as well as a colloquial term for the Dutch government. The collection of cabinets became larger, more varied with each new day a different drawing. The pluriform nature and diversity of the Dutch history is reflected through the history of these examples of the Dutch cabinet by the imported wood, and it’s colonial past.

7 pm
Lada Nakonechna, Mykola Ridnyi
In reaction to a lack of public and educational spaces, the artists from Kiev and Charkiw experiment with alternative curatorial and institutional practices. They reflect on the experiences of the groups R.E.P., Soska, Hudrada and other educational projects organised by the artists themselves, and on the aesthetic strategies that developed in the process.

8 pm final round and drinks

Saturday, 6.2
10 am
Heike Hennig
Heike Hennig’s forest brings nature and culture together. At the same time this duality is called into question, as the forest is an ideal space for free associations, and here, alongside plants and animals, we also encounter mythological and diverse musical motifs.

1 pm
Guided tour with the curator Hedwig Saxenhuber, in the presence of the artists Till Gathmann, Franz Kapfer, Mykola Ridnyi, Sara van der Heide.

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