Carte Blanche III: ›Poems in View of the Facts‹ Brigitte and Arend Oetker

Under the title ›Gedichte der Fakten‹ Arend and Brigitte Oetker show works they have acquired for their collection over the last 20 years. The title of the exhibition was chosen as the title of a series of photographic works by Hanno Otten of the same name, two of which are part of the collection. The two works show a list of the balance sheet totals of the 100 largest commercial enterprises in Germany. The information is repeated in the second picture, while the colour changes from orange to green. The ›economic facts‹ are aestheticized by Otten; conversely, the listing of economic power permeates the aesthetic experience. The choice of this work title as the title of the exhibition can be seen as programmatic in that it relates economic and artistic aspects as inseparably linked, thus also transporting central themes of the two-year project Carte Blanche at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, in which Arend and Brigitte Oetker are participating.

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