The Picture Postcard

The exhibition “The Picture Postcard”, curated by Iris Reuther, Erasmus Schröter and Barbara Steiner, in the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig takes up the theme of the postcard project “7 x 7 x LEIPZIG”, conceived by Iris Reuther and carried out in co-operation with the GfZK and CULTURTRAEGER.
These postcards, in seven series of seven motifs arranged according to the letters L-E-I-P-Z-I-G, have been available in the city free of charge since April 2002, and the entire edition can be acquired in the gallery. Iris Reuther’s subject is the city of Leipzig, but she proposes a different perspective from that of its official images. In the series “Palaces”, for example, there is no sumptuous baroque architecture to be seen. Reuther’s selection includes the Porshe concern, a brothel and that commanding witness to Leipzig’s civic pride, the New City Hall.

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