Die Sammlung als Labor/2002

2002 – 2004

The stocks of art museums, apart from those holding specific collections, are generally heterogeneous: well- known works from past or recent art history appear next to unknown ones; celebrated works suddenly stand alongside formerly famous ones. Many of the works that were once exhibited and discussed are missing. They were not readily collectable, or nobody wanted to collect them, or perhaps the necessary means of ›preserving‹ them were not available. Occasionally, relics and fragments remain, referring to a greater context the knowledge of which has been lost or forgotten. A collection’s stock- however diversified it may be- must necessarily be understood as echoing particular interests in society. And here GfZK is no exception. Its stock is centred around the BDI (Federation of German Industry) Collection which was given- to great politico- cultural effect- to the Gallery’s supporting body and which has, over time, been completed through private donations and permanent loans. Over the year, parts of the GfZK Collection will be exhibited in LAB II for one month respectively. These presentations are thematically linked to the exhibitions in the Gallery in an attempt to reveal the opportunities and advantages of a heterogeneous collection. Developed by the Danish artists’ group Superflex, the Internet channel ›Kanal 11‹ will accompany the series as a forum of discourse.


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